Dear Friends,
This is a special date claimer for a luncheon  on Sunday 29th of April 2018.
Click on the Image above to reserve your Seat!
This is your chance to get your two bobs worth in but there is a small catch and it's for a great purpose!
Yes it is  a fundraiser! (Now don't close your eyes just yet!!!)
he luncheon is for my Rotary Club of Brisbane to help keep  up its great work!

In fact one in particular  ! It is a  A Rotary project Carmel and I started in Queensland  way back in the 70s called –- Donations in Kind . (DIK)   So far over $50 million (retail) items have been dispatched to those that  are in desperate need!! Our near  neighbours to our North i.e. PNG and the islands! Volunteer Rotarians, friends and family help fill big shipping containers every Thursday and Saturday with anything from second-hand medical equipment, ambulances, fire engines, desks, chairs, hospital beds, bedding sheets, blankets, educational equipment and books, et cetera. (To get an idea see link to DIK newsletters)
This is a fun afternoon as you will be entertained over lunch by family and friends “Taking the Mickey out of me”!!!
There will not be any live auctions!!
You won't get heavied or sick of the usual earbashing over a happy lunch!!! Instead  there will be silent auctions online prior to the luncheon and at the back of the venue at Victoria Park on Sunday, 29 April 2018.
Carmel and I also ask you to rope your partners, family and your mates from the many interest groups we and you are associated with!

You can book a table of 10!– Yes Scrooge of course it's tax-deductible! Book your seat/s & table now online!!!
Carmel and I look forward to personally greeting you.

We thank you in advance as I know you love the opportunity to hear the “ lies” told about me.
Kind Regards,
James & Carmel  Delahunty