Posted by Daniel VANKOV
The Rotary District 9600 Changeover event took place on the 17th of June at the Old Petrie Town. Past District Governor John Lane reported on a very successful Rotary year with numerous achievements as examples before passing the collar to District Governor Wendy Protheroe.  The Rotary Club of Brisbane was the only Club to get two awards at the event: the Alan Ward Memorial Shield for outstanding activities in vocational service and the Herrington Shield for best club bulletin.
Rotary Club of Brisbane President Daniel Vankov with the two trophies, the Alan Ward Memorial Shield and the Herrington Shield, at the Changeover event together with District Governor Wendy Protheroe.
An year long joint work of President Daniel Vankov and Rotarian Mark Williams made it possible for the Club to bring home the Herrington Shield. According to the guidelines "the Bulletin should be presented in an attractive layout, easy to follow, and with the object of inviting members and their families to read it." Apparently we scored well in all criteria:
- Club information;
- News about the club, its members and partners and about Rotary matters in District 9600, Australia and Overseas;
- Editorial or President’s column;
- Humour, cartoons;
- Photographs.
Not convinced? Have a look HERE.
The Alan Ward Memorial Shield was not in any way easier to get. The trophy is awarded annually to the Club which has throughout the preceding year best encouraged the highest ideals of service in all businesses and professions through the development or execution of projects that help members contribute their talents to meeting society’s needs and the recognition of excellence within the community when contributing to these ideals of service. Here is what we have accomplished:
  1. During the year 6 members have spoken to the Club in regards to their classification as part of our "Member in the spotlight" initiative:
12/02/2018 – Dan Adler
05/03/2018 – Luke Marshall
12/03/2018 – Tony Pilkington
26/03/2018 – Phil Gresham
09/04/2018 – Denise Schellbach
16/04/2018 – Jacqui Page 
  1. The Club is actively involved in the QUT Career Mentor Scheme with three Rotarians (Secretary Michael, Rotarian Clive and Sergeant-at-Arms Luke) engaging in professional development of QUT students.
  2. Through President Daniel Vankov the Club helped in securing a free license for QUT of a Virtual Reality software valued $47,000. The software simulates driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and will be used for research purposes.
  3. During the year the Club welcomed 25 guest speakers. 
  4. On 05th of August 2017 the Club took part in the Donations in Kind (DIK) working bee. A tremendous amount of gear was shifted, and despite the large group of workers including some people from other clubs and a group of children from a home up the street, work went on right up until lunchtime. RCoB was very well represented, with John Smerdon, Chris Muir, Denise Schellbach, Carolyn Tate, Mel and Margaret Evans, James Delahunty, Clive Shepherd and Jerry Karaprianto all showing up to fly the flag and stuff containers (and also unstuff one that was stuffed erroneously, but we won't talk about that).
  5. On the 6th of September 2017 we had our Vocational visit to the Queensland’s first state-of-the-art advanced driving simulator. The visit was arranged especially for the Rotary Club of Brisbane members and was great fun. Eight members took active part in the driving exercise: Cameron Gibson, Clive Shepherd, Rick Tamaschke, Stan Francis, Michael Stephens, Keith Watts, Yeremia Karaprianto and President Daniel Vankov. Read the related article on the Rotary Blog!
  6. The Club implemented a Leadership seminar. On the 14th of September Tony Holmes made an introduction of cutting edge management approaches in turning a business organisation into an intelligent one to be well remembered. "Going from the knowing to the doing" gathered 20 Brisbane top level professionals for an hour of dynamic interaction in the search of what is good, better and best for a business to thrive in the turmoil of the present global economy. Wallace Bishop Jeweller and CARRS-Q were well represented. Our Club, initiator of the event, was represented by 9 members: Keith Watts, Mark Williams, Dan Adler, Luke Marshall, Jacqui Page, Terry Kung, Richard Chai, Jerry Karaprianto and President Daniel Vankov.
  7. Another activity, part of our Club vocational service, took part on the 17th of October 2017. Luke Marshall invited members to learn more on the topic of "Navigating the changing Superannuation landscape". Keith Watts, Cameron Gibson, Georgina Bishop, Jonathan Frew, Rick Tamaschke and President Daniel Vankov were the member that took advantage of the generous offer together with Luke's existing clients.
  8. The Club initiated the first QUT Ideas Factory for 2018, which included Dr John Bensley, Dr Tony Peloso and 4 Rotarians (PP Keith Watts, Georgina Bishop, Luke Marshall and President Daniel Vankov) as facilitators, and 23 participants. The event took place on March 3rd, 2018. As part of the project, six Ideas Factory participants are invited to a special Rotary lunch with the Queensland Chief Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart. Read the related article on the Rotary Blog! 
  9. Building on the QUT Ideas Factory results, the Club sponsored an Integrated Workplace project currently taking place. The Club hosts one QUT MBA student who is undertaking the project. So far she worked with 22 members (out of 35) as well as from 4 former members.
  10. The Club also works on a project idea to sponsor a "special project" (as referred to at QUT Business school) backed by $10,000 Rotary donation to QUT, to engage MBA students in street violence prevention in Brisbane while learning about end-to-end project management.
We made a great team this Rotary year at the Rotary Club of Brisbane and we look forward to an even better one.